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Our newsletter is published on a bi-monthly basis. It provides articles about local bird-related issues, discusses some of the SAS events, and includes the bi-monthly calendar of events.

The Leaflet invites readers to submit material for publications; anyone wishing to do so email us at

2016 Leaflets

  • Jan-Mar: GBBC in Local Schools, Chimney Swift Towers, Eagle Watch Weekend, Photography Workshop, Rare Bird Ethics
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2015 Leaflets

2014 Leaflets

2012 Leaflets

  • November / December: Christmas Bird Counts / Together Green Innovation Grant Program / Report annual meeting
  • September / October: ServeIT and new SAS website / Feeder cleaning / Board Member nominations
  • May / June: SAS banquet turnout / Feeder cleaning sucess / MC-IRIS Outreach Program / Bill Zimmerman Art Exhibit
  • March / April: Lake Monroe CBC results / Make a Difference for Migrating Birds / SAS Territory Update / Paying Our Way
  • January/February: Bill Zimmerman Remembrance / Information on the Great Backyard Bird Count, Eagle Watch weekend, March Madness and Spring Banquet / Call for Proposals for Grant Program
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2011 Leaflets

  • November / December: Note from New President - David Rupp / CBC warm-ups and request for volunteers!
  • Sept / Oct: Looking for new leaflet editor / Saw-whet Owls / Annual meeting
  • July / August: No Leaflet
  • May / June: SAS banquet awards, Prairie-chickens from a blind, CBC reflections, NAS Bird Conservation in Indiana, Binoculars from SAS, Banning Lead shot?, Marsh Madness recap
  • March / April: White-tailed Deer in Bloomington, CBC results, Eagle Watch Weekend results
  • January / February: 2010 Northern Saw-whet Owl season, HEE Owl research, Butterflying in Ecuador, Avian book reviews
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2010 Leaflets

  • November / December: I-69 threats, CBCs coming, Birders Wish List,Goose Pond work day, IU Campus Bird report, Fairview School Swift Tower, Goose Pond Endangered Birds - an update
  • Sept / Oct: 9th season for Saw-whet Owl migration study, Birds of Goose Pond: Biodiversity survey, Goose Pond & SAS, Goose Pond Butterfly Count, Muscatatuck NWR News
  • May / June: Spring Banquet Awards, Marsh Madness report, Director of Bird Conservation plan, book review!, Birding Bird Atlas - the final year!
  • March / April: Future of SAS discussed, Leaflet moving to Online only in July, CBC reports, Don Whitehead's retirement from CBC compilier, Spring Banquet reservaton form!
  • January / February: The future of SAS, Electronic copies of Leaflets, Eagle Watch Weekend, Banner Year for Goose Pond FWA, Fairview Swift Tower completed, Northern
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2009 Leaflets

  • Nov / December: Chimney Tower construction, Editor moving on, CBC warm-ups, Bird Watcher's Christmas list, Living with Birds in Alaska
  • July / August: Chimeny Shift tower, Southern invaders in Goose Pond, Goose Pond work days, Greene County Big Day results, Brown County BioBlitz, Urban Experimentation
  • May / June: SAS Annual Banquet awards, Traveloge: IN-AZ-TX, Monroe Butterfly Count preview, Bird-watcher's license?
  • March / April: CBC reports, Chimney Swift project funds raised, Goose Pond Spring update, BIGBY reports, Spring Banquet reservation form!
  • January / February: Eagle Watch Weekend, Chimney Swift update, Big Green Big Year (BIGBY) report, IU student presentations, Saw-whet Owl 2008 season report.
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2008 Leaflets

  • November / December: Saw-whet Owl banding, Goose Pond Calendars, IU Cross Country Course, UPCOMING CBC dates!
  • September / October: Goose Pond Committed & Growing, Libby Frey, Goose Pond Butterfly count, Technology & Birding
  • July / August: Fork-tailed Flycatcher, Goose Pond Community Day, work day & a report on Tern Island, Greene County May Day & Monroe County birdathon
  • May / June: SAS Annual Banquet awards, tribute to Henry Wahl, Hillenbrand FWA
  • March / April: Christmas Bird Count reports; Photo exhibit; Spring Expo; Saw-whet Owl report
  • January / February: Eagle Watch Weekend, Goose Pond special program; Green(e) Report; Birding in China; Great Backyard Bird Count
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2007 Leaflets

  • November / December: Endowment Fund; Birding Workshop; CBCs; Gift Ideas
  • September / October: Family Flock Celebration; Butterfly Count results; Hot Temps, Cool birds; To see Every Bird in the World; Chimney Swifts
  • July / August: SAS email list; Three local IBA areas; Indiana Dunes; Crane Creek; Peregrine Falcon
  • May / June: SAS dinner a success; SAS launches Endowment Campaign; butterfly count announced; Beverly Shores; Goose Pond Whoppers; Name your favorite birding spot
  • March / April: Spring Nature Expo; New Year's Resolutions & CBC reports; Chinook IBA; Adopt-an-Owl nets $
  • January / February: Eagle Watch Weekend, Birders -New Years Resolutions; Invite to SAS dinner; Whopping Cranes; Saw-whet Owl report
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2006 Leaflets

  • November / December: Birding Guide; Christmas Gift Ideas; Kankakee Sands IBA; Christmas Bird Counts coming up
  • September / October: Birding Celebrity Tells All; SAS Adopts Goose Pond; Pigeon River IBA; SAS Endowment Campaign
  • July / August: New SAS website; May Adopt Goose Pond; Leaflet named #2; Bloomingon Continugent goes pelagic; Birding Birds Atlas update; Universal Mine IBA
  • May / June: New IN important bird areas; Family Flock program; grant for birding booklet; Birding Symposium wrap up; Great Backyard Birdcount report
  • March / April: Midwest Spring Birding Symposium, Are you an Activist, Eagle Watch Weekend wrap-up, Birding Guide in prep, Christmas count wrap-ups, Sugar Creek
  • January / February: Eagle Watch Weekend, Big Sit, Trip to Lower Valley Tx, Gibson Lake & the Least Tern, Lakeshore Trip
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2005 Leaflets

  • November /December: Wings-on-water, JP -an important bird area, Note from new President, Wildcare
  • September / October: Indiana Important Birding Area Designation, Trip to the Galapagos Islands, Fall Feeder Cleaning, Adopt an Owl
  • July / August: First Annual Family Flock Celebration, Conservation Success Story for the Least Tern, DNR Closer to Purchasing Goose Pond and Beehunter Marsh
  • May / June: Birding in the Aransas National Wildlife Area, annual July 4th butterfly count, Birding in Antarctica
  • March / April: A Birding Adventure to Duluth, CBC reports, feeder cleaning fundraiser
  • January / February: Endangered Whooping Cranes, Eagle Watch 2005, Northern Saw-Whet Owl Reports
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2004 Leaflets

  • November / December: Christmas Bird Count announcements; Chapter Membership renewal notice; Saw-whet Owl Adoption Program
  • September / October: Early SAS History, part 1; Maine birding trip; Activist's Corner: Shawnee Bluffs
  • July / August: Birding Hong Kong, Chuck-will's-widow in Monroe Co., Monroe Co. Birdathon results
  • May / June: Birding the Phillippines, International Migratory Bird Day
  • March / April: Lake Griffy, part 3 of 3; Christmas Bird Count wrap ups; Activist's Corner: Goose Pond
  • January / February: Alaska birding and wildlife watching; Economic Impact of Wildlife Watching; Eagle Watch 2004
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2003 Leaflets

  • November / December: Lake Griffy, part 2 of 3; Christmas Bird Counts; Arctic Visitor; Saw-whet Owl Banding Season
  • September / October: Goose Pond, part 2 of 2; Lake Griffy, part 1 of 3; SAS Looks to the Future
  • July / August: Goose Pond, part 1 of 2; Birding on the PGA; Finding the Needle in the Haystack
  • May / June: Planning a Successful Birding Vacation; In Search of the Great Grey Owl; Birding the Gunnison Basin, CO
  • March / April: The future of Sassafras Audubon; Christmas Bird Count Reports; British Isles Birding
  • January / February: SAS accomplishments in 2002 and challenges in 2003; report on first year of Saw-whet Owl Banding Project; searching for a Long-billed Murrelet on the Ohio River.
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2002 Leaflets

  • November / December: Taking a stand against U.S. war on Iraq.
  • September / October: Alaska Adventure; review of Pete Dunne‚Äôs The Feather Quest
  • July / August: SAS joins Bloomington Economic Development Council; lobbying for forests in Washington, D.C.; review of Utah Five Grouse tour.
  • May / June: How to contact your lawmakers about environmental issues; what to do if you find a baby bird out of its nest.
  • March / April: Indiana Frogs; Chesapeake Bay trip; Lake Monroe Christmas Bird Count Results
  • January / February: Saw-whet Owl banding at Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania; SAS volunteer needs.
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2001 Leaflets

  • November / December: SAS' role in a post-9/11 world; rescuing an Eastern Screech Owl.
  • September / October: Inside WildCare, Inc, a local non-profit wildlife rehabilitation organization.
  • July / August: Working towards a state office for Indiana Audubon chapters; review of Illinois Prairie Chicken trip.
  • May / June: Spring fundraising efforts.
  • March / April: Spring fundraising events; Lake Monroe Christmas Bird Count Results.
  • January / February: President George W. Bush to pose challenges for environmentalists; raffle winner describes stay in Fort Myers, FL.
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2000 Leaflets

1999 Leaflets

  • November / December: Making a difference with shade-grown coffee; volunteers construct viewing platform at Little Africa; Roadside Birders.
  • September / October: Forest Service openings in Hoosier National Forest; first feeder cleaning fundraiser; Roadside Birders.
  • July / August: Member Survey results; review of Mio, Michigan trip; Roadside Birders.
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  • March / April - sorry, not available online
  • January / February - sorry, not available online
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