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Winter edition of the Leaflet is out

Photograph by Amber Smallwood as part of the Backyard Photography Workshop
The winter edition of the Leaflet is now available in electronic pdf format. Read about:
  • The Great Backyard Bird Count in Local Schools.
  • The status of our Chimney Swift Tower project.
  • Our upcoming Spring Banquet (get your tickets here
  • Eagle Watch Weekend: A warm success.
  • Our upcoming events!

Great Backyard Bird Count in Local Schools

The Sassafras Audubon Society started working on the Great Backyard Bird Count project with local elementary schools in 2014. The Great Backyard Bird Count itself has been around since 1998 and was started by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. From February 12th through 15th, people of all ages from different locations across the globe are invited to report the birds they see. The only requirement is that they collect data for at least 15 minutes during the count.

SAS Partners with WonderLab to build Swift Tower

Sassafras Audubon Society is proud to partner with WonderLab and Indiana University Bloomington Department of Biology in the building of the WonderGarden's newest science exhibit - a chimney swift tower. The tower, which was made possible with support from an Elinor Ostrom Program Grant, is currently under construction and will be ready to welcome the threatened Chimney Swifts when they return north in the springs.


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