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The Fairview Chimney Swift Tower

In 2009 and 2010 the Sassafras Audubon Society partnered with the Raymond Foundation to build a brick chimney swift tower to replace the big, old chimney that was razed when the old Fairview school was torn down. The tower proved to be a success with nearly 300 migrating chimney swifts using the chimney to roost during the first year of its existence.

The chimney swifts returned to the tower during the next three summers. However, the chimney swifts did not appear to use the roosting spot last summer, something that is not uncommon with towers falling in and out of favor over the years.

This winter volunteers from SAS, headed by board member Jessica Hite, did some maintenance on the tower. The door was repaired, and the informational sign moved to be more visible. Now, the tower will be ready when the Chimney Swifts return! Many thanks to Jessica Hite and others who have taken charge of continuing our efforts to reverse Chimney Swift declines.

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