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If you’ve looked at the SAS website lately, you know that we’ve restructured our “membership” categories into Members and Friends. A Member is now anyone in our local area who has joined the National Audubon Society (NAS). A Friend is someone who donates directly to SAS. If you are a member of NAS and donate directly to SAS, you’ll now be both a Member and a Friend. As a Friend or Member you will receive our quarterly postcard informing you of SAS events. We encourage you to join us for these. You can also receive emails about the events and volunteer opportunities if you elect to.

The distinction between Members and Friends may take a while to get used to, but it matters a great deal to us. If you only join NAS, just a little over $2.00 of your national membership fee comes back to SAS. With slightly over 800 Members, SAS gets about $1,800 a year from the national organization. In the past year that would have been less than two-thirds of the money needed to build one nesting tower for Chimney Swifts in a local park. Yet with the help of our Friends, we’ve been able to build three towers—and do many other projects in addition! For example, gifts from Friends helped to support a major expansion of another of our signature projects, the Great Backyard Bird Count in Local Schools. We began this program in February 2014 with five classes in three schools in one county. In February 2016 we have increased our reach to 18 classes in eight schools in three counties. Donations from Friends have also supported research on Saw-whet Owls, lectures and outings, and a variety of collaborative projects with other local conservation-oriented organizations. None of these efforts would have been possible if SAS support came only from all SAS had were the funds we graciously get from your NAS memberships.

SAS is “a community of informed and engaged stewards dedicated to nurturing the knowledge, enjoyment, and conservation of birds and nature.” If you have not done so for 2016 we’re asking you to foster that goal by making a contribution and becoming a Friend of SAS. There are no required amounts for donations and no hierarchical categories of Friends. Every dollar you give will be spent locally in SAS’s eight-county area. You can donate directly online at

We appreciate all the wonderful support of our Friends of SAS!

2018 Friends of SAS

B. Holliday D. Yates In honor of F. Churchill S. Dunbar
In memory of D. Whitehead K. Doering N. & A. Damm In memory of my husband Jim Mitchell,
and of his friend and mentor Don Whitehead

2017 Friends of SAS

C. & S. Dunbar C. Burnett In honor of my sister, Sandra Hernshaw
D. B. Glass J. Lawrence B. & B. Jones Mike & Betty Davis
J. & S. Belth H. Blair K. Lindborg S. & R. Bydlon
J. & T. Vicenzi G. Conrad B. Kissel S. Snyder
J. Hill Oliver Winery A. & T. Grav IndiGo Birding Nature Tours
S. Dainko R. Stephens P. Graham D. Gardiner
A. Tanford A. Kelly & JT Stewart R. Saurer G. Simon
Kissel Family Opportunity Fund H. Reynolds J. Brown G. Allan
S. Childress K. & A. Blackledge B. Cate R. Bauman
C. Huffman R. & L. Wallace R. Swing R. Reichmann
Memory of Fred Churchill G. Leck J. & D. Yates S. Hernshaw
T. Arthur Bloomington Hardware Aver's Pizza G. & T. Richey
J. & B. Diehl V. Meretsky M. Ossi S. Hernshaw

2016 Friends of SAS

In memory of Connie Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Hongen M. Davis J. Brennan
E. and K. Cox R. Bauman Friends of Goose Pond B. Fulton
R. Saurer A.-M. Gillet S. Snyder R. Beckman
White Rabbit Copy & Digital Printing Oliver Winery D. Port IndiGo Birding Nature Tours
M. Damm D. & I. Beery W. Jones R. & D. Swing
Mr. & Mrs. Williams J. & B. Diehl R. & C. English J. & D. Yates
C. Petersen S. & J. Hengeveld R. Reichmann J. Bailey
G. Simon S. Hernshaw G. & K. Conrad D. & B. Whitehead
B. Mishler S. Dunbar B. Besser M. Walker
P. & K. Doering Anonymous M. Fleming M. Forrest & J. Gwinn
D. Thelen S. Lindeman J. A. Biebrich V. Meretsky
L. & K. Sparks C. Meyer R. D. Arnold, MD R. E. Barber
Anonymous M. Mahern C. & J. Travis C. Ammon
"Trilby" In memory of Dorothy Roady Wilson S. Dainko R. Dodd
M. Lyon A. Durkin T. Talbert E. Dodge
S. & T. Robeson M. Leibacher S. Turchyn P. J. Watts
T. Gruenenfelder K. Mueller S. Gilstrap K. Ruesink
R. Stumpner A. Wilson B. Restle In honor of Sonoma Fischer
B. Spry L. Sterrenburg In memory of my parents Claire & Albert Cabage
B. & J. Bloomgarden M. Lewison D. R. James G. Laemmer
P. L. Foster Anonymous Billy Giles T. Lock
J. Stewart Bill and LuAnne Holladay J. Ulrey M. Belth

2015 Friends of SAS

In honor of Wayne Fix J. Tanford G. Simon R. and C. English
J. and D. Yates J. Oden C. Petersen C. Wray
J. Bailey A. Hill the Rupp Family C. Juna
M. Clarke E. Brafford N. Martin A. M. Effinger
A. Kelly A. Maxwell R. Reichmann K. Philippi
R. Swing J. Riegel J. Gwinn M. Sullivan
Mr. V Stern N. Regle P. Wolfe S. Dunbar
D. Gorney I. Vanderbilt J. Ferguson A. Durkin
C. Gulyas J. Hargesheimer J. Hite M. Oldstrom
C. Meyer S. M. Bruker Dr. L. Sterrenburg D. Warmbier
Dr. T. Grav D. Whitehead D. James Dr. G. Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Hongen K. Ruesink M. Weeks M. Wood
R. Kissel D. Gardiner Y. Niu G. Harris
S. Dainko J. Miers J. & B. Diehl A. Batten
the Kingsbury Family B. Restle N. Lightfoot R. Saurer
P. Riggs J. M. Byers P. Egnatz D. B. Glass
K. Boone J. and S. Belth J. and T. Vicenzi S. Mitchell-Bruker
C. Gulyas M. Sullivan J. and P. Ulrey B. Holladay
N. Schau W. Jones S. Schechter P. Graham
P. & T. Bertolacini J. Slaymaker J. Mitchell D. & C. Allen
J. Bauer E. Ketterson J. Eakin G. Keller
D. Weber L. Feigns J. Taber N. Ciskowski
R. Hangarter C. Matson M. J. Tramontana P. Romine
S. B. Hernshaw R. Davis J. Cline D. Wilson
S. Stumpner M. Luurtsema M. Kelley A. Belt
W. Anderson D. Coomer R. Ball L. Young
R. Stoops L. Morris G. Miller K. Lindborg
D. Johnstone C. Fredericks D. & S. Crouch S. Carter
R. Beckman N. Ascliman C. Jo M. Forrest
P. Foster S. & J. Hengeveld R. Barber R. Dodd
J. & C. Anderson

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