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Sassafras Audubon Society is proud to announce that the 2018 Lifetime Conservationist Award is going to Jess Gwinn and Maureen Forrest.

Jess was past President of SAS (1999-2001), chair of the Conservation committee both during and after his 6 year tenure on SAS’ board, an annual participant in the Lake Monroe, Goose Pond and McCormick’s Creek CBCs, and is one of the 3 founding members who started the N Sawwhet Owl banding project. As a couple, Jess & Maureen have spent many years running the NSOW banding station at their home in Greene County, for the past 7 years have run a MAPS banding station during neo-tropic bird breeding and have been the coordinators of the Greene County May Day count. They have been staunch advocates for conservation locally, in Indiana, and in other important areas of conservation concern, such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Jess and Maureen have been active in conservation quietly, with honesty, and with a core belief that such efforts are important now and in the future. Our area has benefitted substantially from their involvement.

Come join us at the Spring Banquet on April 5th at the DeVault Center to celebrate our award winners with great food, drink and a great keynote speaker. Tickets can be bought here.

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