Barbara Restle Founder's Award

The Barbara Restle Founder's Award was first given out in 2008 and honors people that have given a lifetime of support to the Sassafras Audubon Society.

Previous recipients are:

  • 2008 - Ruth Reichmann

  • 2009 - Sarah Elizabeth "Libby" Frey

  • 2010 - Bill Deville

  • 2011 - Bill Zimmerman

  • 2013 - Jim Mitchell

  • 2014 - Bob Dodd

  • 2015 - Jim & Susan Hengeveld

  • 2016 - Cathy Meyer 
    "for almost two decades of supporting SAS as a member, board member (2000-2003) and president (2003-2005), and the driving force behind the annual Bird-a-Thon and other events throughout this time."

  • 2017 - Robert Kissel
    "for his many years of service on the SAS Board (2000-2005, president 2001-2003) and with a special mention of the efforts in fundraising for our endowment."

  • 2018 - Geoff Conrad
    "for long time service to the board as Vice-President (2013-2018) where he has been instrumental in the successful organization and execution of our Spring and Fall Feeder cleanings, during his years of service. He has also been a integral part in organizing our Annual Banquets, Ducks & Donuts outings and many other events."

  • 2019 - Rosemary Saurer

    “for long-time service as Program Chair of SAS, organizing and directing many of our most important events.”

Donald R. Whitehead Conservationist of the Year Award

Given for endless hours of support to avian conservation.

Previous recipients are:

  • 2008 - Lee Sterrenburg

  • 2009 - Ross Brittain

  • 2010 - Brad Feaster

  • 2011 - Mike Kelley

  • 2012 - Ellen Jacquart

  • 2013 - Heather Reynolds

  • 2014 - Jeff Belth

  • 2015 - David Rupp 
    "for work in rejuvenating SAS as an organization, his inspiring work with the GBBC in Local Schools project, and support of conservation and education." 

  • 2016 - Jessica Hite 
    "for the tremendous work in the renovation and building of several Chimney Swift towers in Bloomington, and educating the public about the plight of this near-threatened species."

  • 2017 - Amanda Kelly
    "for the work done growing the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) in Local Schools to reach hundreds of kids in our area, and her support of the conservation and education efforts at SAS." 

  • 2018 - James Kawlewski
    "for utstanding work in promoting and educating kids and adults about the plight of the endangered Whooping Crane.

  • 2019 - Nancy Lightfoot

    “for unrivaled passion in Indiana bird conservation.”

Lifetime Conservationist Award

Given for a lifetime of commitment and dedication to the cause of conservation in South-Central Indiana.

Previous recipients are:

  • 2008 - Donald Whitehead

  • 2012 - Bill Jones

  • 2013 - Geoff Keller

  • 2014 - Don Jordan

  • 2015 - John Castrale

  • 2016 - Jeff Riegel 
    "for tireless work promoting and organizing Eagle Watch Weekend, which was held for the 16th time this year, and his work through SAS as a member, board member (2005-2007) and president (2007-2011)."

  • 2017 - Jim Eagleman
    "for a lifetime commitment to education, the land and Brown County State Park"

  • 2018 - Jess Gwinn & Maureen Forrest
    "for their staunch advocacy for conservation locally, in Indiana, and in other important areas of conservation concern, such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."

  • 2019 - Scott Johnson

    “for decades of service helping Indiana’s wildlife.”