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"A community of informed and engaged stewards dedicated to nurturing the knowledge, enjoyment
and conservation of birds and nature."

Serving the Indiana counties of Monroe, Lawrence, Owen, Greene, Morgan, Jackson, Brown and Bartholomew since 1970.

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Sassafras Audubon graciously accepts any and all donations and promises to use them to further our mission.

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Spring Feeder Cleaning - April 11th, 2015

Bring your feeders to be cleaned by SAS volunteers and get them ready for Spring Migration! Come to our stand behind Bloomington Hardware on the east side of Bloomington on April 11th. Feeders can be dropped off between 9am and 2pm, with pick-up between 2pm and 4pm. Suggested donations are $4 for small feeders and $6 for large feeders. Ask at Bloomington Hardware about early drop-off on Friday, April 10th.

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Milkweed for Monarchs

Monarch butterflies are in steep decline due to the loss of their host plants, milkweeds.  Many gardeners are interested in helping to address this problem, but the most readily available milkweed in landscaping stores is tropical milkweed.  There are concerns that this species is an inferior host plant compared to native milkweeds.

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