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Thank You to our Friends of SAS

We thank all of you who donated to the Sassafras Audubon Society in 2016 and became Friends of SAS. Our summer drive for donations was a resounding success and your donations have raised more than $4000 since June. In addition we raised a fantastic $834 during our fall feeder cleaning in October. Your support is essential in the continuation of our many programs in 2017.

Summer Donation Drive

If you’ve looked at the SAS website lately, you know that we’ve restructured our “membership” categories into Members and Friends. A Member is now anyone in our local area who has joined the National Audubon Society (NAS). A Friend is someone who donates directly to SAS. If you are a member of NAS and donate directly to SAS, you’ll now be both a Member and a Friend.

Flatwoods Park Walk yields Woodcocks

On Thursday, March 17th, we held a Woodcock walk at Flatwoods Park. Seven people spent the hour before sunset walking around the western field of the park. Highlights of the walk was 6 American Woodcocks penting and seen against the sky during their display flight. Other great sightings were a pair of Northern Harriers, a Wilson's Snipe and 3 Fox Sparrows. The full checklist


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